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From brainstorming and inventing a solution, designing and engineering a prototype, building and manufacturing the finished product, and marketing the end result, David is there every step of the way. David helps provide a fresh approach to old problems and expert help with new ones.

We need your help! Currently, we have teamed up with the Get Real Alliance on a project which involves fighting climate change while still being able to use oil and gas. With this great opportunity to help the world also brings great responsibility which includes spending funds for patents, outreach and prototype work. We ask for your help by donating to our GoFundMe page:

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Full of Ideas is the trademarked full name of FOI Group LLC. FOI owns intellectual property at all stages of the life cycle, with eleven issued patents in six distinct invention areas. We also have a growing number of patents pending and many ideas in various stages of pre patent development that cover a wide range of industries.

No matter how impressive an idea is, it must become a product to achieve real success. While FOI group LLC is making progress towards commercialization, the sheer number of distinct areas of invention make licensing a central business focus. Licensing may be to an existing company or to a new start-up headed by a qualified founder. FOI Group LLC is eager to visit with motivated entrepreneurial leaders looking to make a difference particularly in fire fighting, and defense related fields.

Full of Ideas is a small company with big potential. Our engineers and businessmen have real world experience. Well-conceived and creatively applied ideas can make money for you or save you money. We have an excess of ideas and are creating more every day. Let us put a great idea to work for you!




About Get Real – A Positive Solution To Climate Change

Get Real Alliance

Get Real- A Positive Solution to Climate Change , is a book written by David Munson Jr, which offers a combination of proven, realistic methods to transform the world carbon-negative in conjunction with the use of oil and gas. It showcases a number of patented inventions to enable the world a more sustainable future. The most relative climate myths are debunked, in addition to the most relative climate myths that are spread as factual by many climate activists

David Munson Jr Author Climate Change Solution Book

    With patents in over 6 distinct areas, we truly are Full of Ideas!

  •  Athletic training equipment
  •  Military
  •  Concentrated Solar Energy
  •  Geothermal
  •  Fire extinguishing
  •  Marine Technology